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Desert Animal Companions is a resource for information about individuals and groups working to better the lives of people and companion animals on the Navajo Nation. The primary purpose of this site is to raise awareness, connect people who wish to contribute with people providing services, assist networking and partnership among concerned individuals and groups, and ultimately to relieve suffering and enhance the lives of companion animals living on the Navajo Nation and the people who care about them.

Brief Background

Companion animal overpopulation and the inability to pay for veterinary services is a huge problem on the Navajo Reservation. The Navajo Nation, encompassing 26,000 square miles in three states (Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah), is home to an estimated 160,000 stray dogs and cats. The sheer expanse of the Nation presents a challenge in terms of providing services to tribal members, and animal problems on the Nation are growing.

News & Updates

[ Updated March 10, 2019 ]

  • Navajo Nation Veterinary Program: mobile unit surgery schedule, Navajo Housing Authority Spring schedule

  • Rez Dawg Rescue new partnership with McKinley County Humane (Gallup Animal Shelter) and Bro and Tracy Foundation and Tigertree Foundation to provide spay/neuter/vaccinate and relocation services in the Ramah/Pinehill area

  • Soul Dog Rescue 2018 Clinic Schedule

  • Tuba City Humane Society Fall 2018 Low Cost Spay Neuter in Tuba City

  • Navajo Nation Animal Control Ordinance -- new ordinance as of August, 2018

  • Navajo Nation Veterinary Program Mobile Schedule Fall 2018 and NNVP Fall 2018 Equine Schedule

  • Navajo Nation approves funds for new Navajo Nation Animal Control facility in Crownpoint, Gallup Independent article.

  • Navajo Nation updated Animal Control Regulations, Fall 2018, click on View/Read Text to read the new legislation

  • Christian Veterinary Mission July 2017 Schedule

  • Navajo Nation Veterinary and Livestock Program Mobile Spay/Neuter 2017 Schedule

  • Soul Dog Spay/Neuter 2017 Schedule

  • Change makers tackle dog issue in Tuba City: Second graders search for solutions to stray dog issue on Navajo Reservation

  • Vicious dogs a concern for student safety at Tuba City schools

  • Tuba City Humane Society: Shelter without walls struggles to serve Navajo Nation

  • Nuzzles & Co. Rez Rescue

  • Kayenta Animal Care Center welcomes new veterinarian to run the shelter programs, Dr. Eubank, October 18, 2016.

  • Rez Dog Problem Remains Unresolved, written by Jacqueline Vaughn and published in the Flagstaff-Sedona Dog Magazine, February/March 2016.

  • Kayenta Vet Leaving Animal Clinic

  • Navajo Nation Has No Puppy Love, Navajo Nation votes down budget for 2016-17 mobile spay/neuter services.

  • Soul Dog Rescue Spay/Neuter Clinic Dates for 2016

  • Navajo Nation Veterinary & Livestock Program has released its mobile wellness and spay/neuter schedule for 2015. You can see it here. Soul Dog Rescue large volume spay/neuter clinic schedule for 2015.

  • Navajo Nation Veterinary & Livestock Program is working to educate people about Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. There is a lot of information here.

  • Navajo Nation Veterinary & Livestock Program has released some dates and locations in spring 2014 for their low-cost mobile spay/neuter and vaccination clinics. See the flyer. And also their July - September dates and locations.
  • As we start 2014, here are the rescue groups working to help animals on the Navajo Nation: Blackhat Humane Society (especially up near Chinle, Many Farms, and Shiprock areas), Good Dog Rez-Q (especially in the southeastern area of the Navajo Nation), and Tuba City Humane Society (especially in Tuba City and surrounding areas). Also, in Kayenta there is the Kayenta Animal Care Center. Soul Dog Rescue provides high-volume free or donation-based spay/neuter clinics in many locations throughout the year on the Navajo Nation, and will be starting to also provide those services in needy areas in New Mexico in 2014. Telluride Animal Foundation in Telluride, CO, helps to fund some of these efforts. Dr. Carol Holgate continues to provide veterinary services in Tuba City and surrounding areas. The Navajo Nation Veterinary & Livestock Program continues to provide veterinary services in Chinle, Shiprock, and Tse Bonito. Best Friends Animal Society continues to provide support including services for The Gap (north-western Navajo Nation) and channeling huge food donations from Blue Buffalo to Tuba City Humane Society for distribution to animal shelters and rescues throughout northern Arizona.

  • Another rescue group working to help animals on the Navajo Nation and adjacent areas is Good Dog Rez-Q. The group is made up of many long-time rescuers, and they could use your support.
  • Update on the Navajo Nation Veterinary & Livestock Program: Article in Navajo Times, Veterinary Program Moves into New Digs, schedule of summer 2013 spay/neuter and low-cost vaccines program, and schedule of Navajo Nation Animal Control "surrender" program. Here is more information about the Task Force working to address the rise of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever on the Navajo Nation.

  • Spring, 2013: Find free or low-cost spay/neuter services: check the Soul Dog Rescue schedule and also, in Tuba City, check with Dr. Carol Holgate, who with Tuba City Humane Society who has some grant funding, will be providing $45. spay/neuters until the grant funding runs out. Also, Navajo Nation Veterinary and Livestock Program acquired a spay/neuter van, in an attempt to eliminate or reduce Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and they are planning to be in these locations.

  • Tuba City Humane Society and Dr. Carol Holgate, veterinarian in Tuba City, AZ, are trying to raise funds to help pay for extra veterinary expenses on some rescued dogs being treated for parvo, mange, and canine transmissable venereal tumor. You can see photos of these dogs, find out more, and click on the chip-in on the Tuba City Humane Society web site. Thank you for caring about rez dogs!

  • Read an update from Tuba City Humane Society, with photos, and a link to an article on Best Friends Animal Society web site about the work that Tuba City Humane Society is doing on the Navajo Nation.

  • Dr. Holgate, a veterinarian from Tuba City, AZ, will be providing mobile subsidized low-cost spay/neuter and vaccination clinics in Kayenta this fall, starting on Tuesday, September 11. Download the flyer.

  • Tuba City Humane Society participated with Best Friends Animal Society in receiving a HUGE donation of dog, cat, and puppy food from the Blue Buffalo Co., which was distributed to humane societies and rescues across the Navajo Nation and northern Arizona! See photos and find out more here.

  • University of Georgia Christian Veterinary Fellowship is providing discounted veterinary services in Window Rock including $25. spay/neuter surgeries for cats and dogs, July 27 - August 2, 2012. Appointments are needed. Contact Kendra Wapaha at (928) 871-6615. Download the flyer.

  • Best Friends Animal Society is subsidizing low-cost spay/neuter services for animals of residents of The Gap, an area on the northwestern Navajo Nation. The services are delivered through the Tuba City Humane Society, with veterinary services by Dr. Carol Holgate in Tuba City, AZ. Download the flyer here.

  • Spay/Neuter clinic in Chinle on June 23-24, sponsored by Soul Dog Rescue, $5 minimum donation. Starts at 8 a.m. at the Chinle High A/B Building (across parking lot from Aquatic Center). No food or water for 8 hours before the clinic. Email your name and phone number along with name, approximate age, weight and breed of dog or cat to

  • Navajo Nation has issued a proclamation of Animal Control Measures in conjunction with education regarding Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever prevention, and the Navajo Nation Veterinary and Livestock Program has issued the schedule for tick dipping and low cost vaccinations and deworming. Please help spread the word.

  • There is a rising prevalence of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (RMSF) in people in Arizona. RMSF can be carried by the Brown Dog Tick, which rez dog strays may carry. It is so very important to use flea and tick prevention on dogs that are your own or those you rescue, be aware of ticks and keeping them off of you and your family members and pets, become familiar with early symptoms of RMSF, and tips about the safest methods of removing ticks. Find out more info here and at the Arizona Department of Health Services, including statistics by county, and another good article here. Dr. Carol Holgate is promoting a "Massive Tick Attack" day dedicated to flea prevention and tick dips in Tuba City on May 19 from 9-5 at the empty lot south of Louise Yellowman's Park, and the NNVLP generally also offers tick dips in many of the Navajo Nation housing areas. Monthly flea and tick prevention is also crucial over the summer months.

  • Crownpoint Mutt Show takes place at the OLD Crownpoint Community School Housing on Saturday, April 14, 2012, at 10:00 a.m. Download the flier. See photos from a previous year on the Blackhat Humane Society web site.

  • Dr. Carol Holgate, of Tuba City, AZ, will be offering subsidized spay/neuter and vaccination clinics in Shiprock on April 7 and 21, and in Kayenta on April 17, May 1 and May 15, 2012. Download a flier for Kayenta clinics. Call her at (928) 283-6184 for a surgery appointment.

  • Soul Dog Rescue is going to be sponsoring some spay/neuter clinics on or near the eastern Navajo Nation:
    March 9, 10, 11 - Shiprock and Towaoc
    May 4, 5, 6 - Shiprock and Towaoc
    May 19 & 20 - Towaoc
    June 22, 23 & 24 - Crownpoint and Chinle
    Find out more at their web site or on their Facebook page.

  • Western States No-Kill Conference in Albuquerque, NM, on March 24, 2012. Find out more info here.

  • An article on the Navajo Nation Puppy Program was published in the Navajo Times on February 16, 2012. See it online here.

  • Thank you to the Colorado Animal Welfare League (CAWL) for providing a high-volume, high-quality spay/neuter mash style clinic in Chinle, November 19-20, 2011! 160 animals received services on that weekend. Find out more about the very imporant and needed services and education that CAWL is bringing to several communities including Shiprock and Chinle by reading this article on the CAWL web site. Here is another article from the ASPCA web site about the same program. Thank you veterinarians, donors, and volunteers!

  • Here is Dr. Holgate's schedule for subsidized spay/neuter and vaccination clinics taking place in Kayenta this fall.

  • There are a number of places where veterinary care for animals is available in 2011. Here are some:
    Dr. Carol Holgate
    Desert View Veterinary Clinic
    Tuba City
    web site:

    Dr. Adrienne Ruby
    Rez Vet
    Pinon, Dilkon, Tuba City, Kayenta
    find out more on Dr. Ruby's Facebook page, where she usually posts her calendar/schedule.

    Follow Blackhat Humane on Facebook to get updates of current clinics.

    Follow Navajo Nation Puppy Program on Facebook, to find out more about outreach and puppy foster programs.
  • Photographer Stephen Sable is showing a series of his photographs entitled Rez Dog Biographies at the new Kayenta Animal Care Center building in September. Volunteers from Blackhat Humane will also be on hand. This event takes place in conjunction with the Monument Valley Film, Blues and Arts Festival. Find out more about this event on the Kayenta Township blog.

  • Dr. Carol Holgate, a Navajo veterinarian from Tuba City, AZ, will be providing a series of low-cost mobile veterinary clinics in Kayenta in September and October, 2010. Download the flyer for more information.

  • There is some fine rescue, fostering, and humane education happening in Monument Valley. They have managed to also have one vaccination and spay/neuter clinic. Find out more at their Facebook page: Monument Valley Rescues.

  • Best Friends Animal Society, Kanab, UT, in collaboration with the Bodaway-Gap Chapter, and the Navajo Nation, provided an annual free spay/neuter/vaccination clinic at the chapter house, using volunteer veterinarians and technicians. Read an article written by Cindy Yurth, published in the Navajo Times on July 8, 2010.

  • Dr. Carol Holgate, a Navajo veterinarian from Tuba City, AZ, will be providing a series of low-cost mobile veterinary spay/neuter and vaccination clinics in Kayenta in Spring, 2010. Dr. Holgate will also be providing clinics in Shiprock on May 1, June 5, and June 19, 2010. See the Kayenta clinics flyer for Dr. Holgate's contact information.

  • Come to the Rez Dog Rendezvous, a evening of good food and music, in support of Blackhat Humane, taking place in Chambers, AZ, on April 24, 2010. Download the flyer here.

  • Come to the Crownpoint All-Mutt Dog Show in Crownpoint on April 17th. Download the flyer here.

  • Read an article on Reznet about two committed rescuers in Crownpoint and Fort Defiance, and how they are helping animals in their communities.

  • Read an article in the Gallup Independent about the Crownpoint All-Mutt Dog Show, which took place on Saturday, April 18, 2009. This community event is the brainchild of Mary Vitt, an audiologist and photographer who also fosters for Blackhat Humane, and has lived in Crownpoint for eight years.

  • Dr. Carol Holgate, a Navajo veterinarian from Tuba City, AZ, will be providing a series of five mobile veterinary clinics in Kayenta in spring, 2009, with subsidized low-cost spay/neuter and vaccinations for dogs and cats. Find out more info an download the flyer here.

  • In 2005, Dina Huntinghorse created a film called Rez Dogs, about the situation of the stray dogs on the Navajo Nation. You can view it online here.

  • See the progress report on subsidized low-cost spay/neuter services delivered to Kayenta in 2008 by Dr. Carol Holgate, Tuba City veterinarian, and subsidized by the Pegasus Foundation, Foundation for Protection of Animals, Best Friends Animal Society, and Hampton Inn and Burger King of Kayenta. Find out more here.

  • Join us at a fundraising event to benefit Blackhat Humane Society, on Saturday, September 27, 2008, from 6-9 p.m., at Iggy's in St. Johns, AZ. Find out more here.

  • Subsidized low-cost spay/neuter and vaccination clinics for dogs and cats with services provided by Dr. Holgate, a Navajo veterinarian from Tuba City, AZ, will be taking place in fall, 2008, in Kayenta. Find out more info and download the flyer here. The clinics are being subsidized by the Pegasus Foundation, local businesses of the Hampton Inn and Burger King of Kayenta, the Foundation for Protection of Animals (Durango, CO), and Best Friends Animal Society (Kanab, UT).

  • Dr. Holgate, a Navajo veterinarian from Tuba City, AZ, will be providing a series of six mobile veterinary clinics in Kayenta this spring, including subsidized spay/neuter and vaccinations for dogs and cats. Find out more info and download the flyer here. The clinics are being subsidized by the Pegasus Foundation and local businesses of the Hampton Inn and Burger King of Kayenta.

  • Latest news from Fredonia Humane Society and the Gap project. Support the Arizona Gap Spay/Neuter Project. Send a check through the mail to: Fredonia Humane Society, P.O. Box 1238, Fredonia, AZ 86022.

  • Plateauland Mobile Veterinary Services has resumed bringing low-cost spay/neuter and vaccination services in their mobile unit to places on the Navajo Nation. Here is Plateauland's current fee schedule. Here is the calendar of where they will be providing services. Plateauland is a part of the Second Chance Center for Animals, located in Flagstaff, AZ.

  • Support Fredonia Humane, in Fredonia, AZ, which is rescuing strays from the Gap, a remote part of the western Navajo Nation, near Page, AZ. National Geographic, while visiting Best Friends to film some segments on Dogtown, filmed at the Gap dumpsters. You can see these segments on National Geographic channel in January, 2008.

  • Support Blackhat Humane, which has foster homes all over the eastern side of the Navajo Nation in many towns, where fosters rescue strays. Rescued dogs then get veterinary care, are socialized to living in a family, and then put up for adoption through petfinder. You can find out more about Blackhat Humane here.

  • Cindy Yurth has written a series of articles, published in the Navajo Times, about the stray dogs on the Navajo Nation. Read the first story, Rez littered with stray dogs, published August 9, 2007, here. Read part two, The lucky ones, published August 16, 2007, here.

  • Tom and Lori Corrigan, of Fredonia Humane, a small animal control shelter located in Fredonia, AZ, in a partnership with Best Friends, is helping a remote corner of the Navajo Nation located between Tuba City and Page, known as The Gap. They are bringing spay/neuter and veterinary services, along with food, and relocation for some lucky animals, and much needed help for their families. You can read about it here.

  • 13 years of mobile free spay/neuter services on the Navajo Nation were provided by the Spay-Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP), based in Houston, TX. In June, 2005, because of disagreements between tribal officers and SNAP founder Sean Hawkins, very important collaborative efforts collapsed, and Sean Hawkins left SNAP. Animal News reported on the situation here.
       Even with their season cut short in 2005, SNAP still provided free spay/neuter services to 350 animals in Kayenta, 100 in Tuba City, and several other towns on the Navajo Nation. We thank them for their efforts!

  • An article about stray dogs and overpopulation on the Navajo Nation was published in the Farmington Daily Times on August 1, 2005. Stacey Daw, Navajo Nation Animal Control officer of Shiprock, is interviewed in the article and Sharon Morgan of Desert Dawg Rescue. You can read it online here. (requires Adobe Reader)

  • An article about dog overpopulation on Arizona reservations was written by Debra White and Dina Huntinghorse and published in the June 30, 2005, issue of Indian Country Today. You can read it online here.

  • Experiences with rez dogs can change your life. Frank DiGianni wrote a wonderful piece about his experience, entitled "Eulogy for My Dog," which was published on the web site. You can read it online here.

  • Here's a report on accomplishments from the May 2-6 Spay/Neuter Partnership week in Tuba City, AZ.

  • Best Friends No More Homeless Pets has an article on Dr. Carol Holgate, a wonderful vet who works with Plateauland Mobile Veterinary Clinic, the Northern Arizona Second Chance Center, and Dr. Holgate also has her own practice in Tuba City, AZ.

  • A map of the Navajo Nation Chapters has also been added to the Background section.

  • Free Spay/Neuter services were provided in Tuba City by Plateauland and SNAP during the week of May 2-6 at the Tuba City Chapter House parking lot. Best Friends Animal Society also participated in this "superclinic" by bringing an animal behaviorist and offering free collars and pet i.d. tags on May 3-5. The Northern Arizona Second Chance Center for Animals provided humane education in the schools the previous week. All services were coordinated through the Navajo Nation Veterinary & Livestock Program, and many member groups and volunteers participated in this effort. See the flyer here.

  • Save Our Strays (SOS) of Chinle is trying to make a difference in their community by holding free vaccinations clinics. Read the Gallup Independent article from April 14th. Navajo Nation President Joe Shirley Jr. recently issued a proclamation in support of Animal Control. Read the Gallup Independent article published on March 17th.

  • Kayenta Animal Control & Shelter (KACS) now has it's own web site. KACS is hosting free spay/neuter clinics with services provided by SNAP in spring and summer 2005.

  • Northern Arizona Second Chance Center for Animals had it's grand opening on October 30, 2004, which was attended by about 500 people. The center is now open for business and is placing animals for adoption. Please volunteer and support the center, which has the possibility of making an important difference in the lives of animals in the region.

  • Tova Salabye, Navajo Nation Puppy Program Coordinator and SNAP Outreach Coordinator, and Cathie Myers, Best Friends Animal Society Humane Education Director, and Sherry Woodard, Best Friends Animal Care Consultant, will be sharing humane education information and materials at a booth at the 58th Annual Navajo Nation Fair in Window Rock, on Kid's Day, September 9, 2004. There will be materials for children and for teachers. Look for the booth outside near the horseshoe arena. Please stop by. See you at the Fair!

  • Spay/Neuter Partnership held a collaborative event in Kayenta, AZ, July 12 - 16 focusing on healthy animals, healthy families, healthy communities. There was a great response from the community in Kayenta. Here is more information on how the week went, with accompanying photos. Following the services week, there were more activities in Kayenta, including a collaboration between the humane groups and Navajo Nation Animal Control, that allowed animals from a roundup that were not reclaimed by their owners to be rescued and transferred to other shelters and rescue groups. Read that story (with photos of many of the animals) here. Best Friends also published a feature article on their web site about the collaboration and rescue.

  • Article in the May 20 issue of the Navajo Times about the second go-round of West Nile Virus vaccination clinics for horses scheduled in many chapters of Navajoland.

  • Spay/Neuter Partnership in Shiprock, NM, May 3 -7, received a great response from the Shiprock community. 1500 elementary and middle school students heard humane education presentations. Arizona Humane Society, SNAP, and Plateauland provided mobile spay/neuter services, and together provided a total of 265 free spay/neuters. Inexpensive vaccination packages were offered, and a whopping total of 905 vaccinations were given, along with a lot of deworming. Over 500 free collars and 270 free tags were distributed. Best Friends Animal Society and PetSmart donated the collars and Best Friends provided the tag machine and the free tags. Participating groups include Navajo Nation Veterinary & Livestock Program, Arizona Humane Society, Spay-Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP), and Plateauland. Many volunteers also contributed their time and energy. A big thank you to all of the participants. The goal of all of these services is to provide education and health services in support of healthy animals, healthy families, and healthy communities. View photos from Shiprock.

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